Our organic waste processors make organic waste treatment easy

We provide cost-saving and environmentally friendly solutions in waste management. Our biodegradable waste treatment technology is based on naturally occurring decomposition and fermentation process. Food (kitchen), garden organic wastes or food packaging are processed where they are generated in a closed type bioreactors.

Green Service Advantages

  • Approved by EU competent veterinary authorities;
  • Cost-saving and environmentally friendly solution;
  • Independence from third party operators;
  • Proven and scalable technology;
  • Volume and weight reduction up to 90 %;
  • Recycling capacity from 1 kg to 10 tons per day;
  • Recycling processing time - 24 hours;
  • Addition of waste during processing;
  • Proprietary deodorized process;
  • No water or any chemical additives required;
  • Simple, one-button push operation;
  • Efficient and compact equipment;
  • Easy installation and maintainance;
  • Transportation cost reduction;
  • 10 years in operation;
  • Compliance with EU regulations.


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